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Flexible Modules, Infinite Possibilities for Photovoltaic Applications

The so-called flexible module is a new type of lighter weight, thinner and more flexible module that can be directly adhered to light load and curved roofs without the need for brackets or other mounting systems, and is mainly categorized into three types: conventional crystalline silicon flexible modules, MWT crystalline silicon flexible modules, and thin-film flexible modules.

Compared with conventional PV modules, flexible modules have significant features such as “light”, “thin”, “soft” and “bendable”. Compared with conventional PV modules, flexible modules are “light”, “thin”, “flexible”, and “bendable”, so they can be applied not only in distributed power station scenarios such as industrial and commercial colored steel tile roofs, flat roofs, and residential tiled roofs, but also in featured scenarios such as featured landscape lights, convenient mobile power sources, robots, and outdoor activities. It can be easily combined with various innovative programs, infinitely expanding the imagination of PV technology applications!

Flexible Module Project Site

Recently, the owner of an old factory building found us, because the age of the factory building is relatively long, if you use conventional components, need to be reinforced and the cost is not cheap, so our company recommended the flexible module, with its ultra-light and unique installation advantages, effectively solve the building load-bearing troubles, and ultimately the owner is very satisfied.

It is a glassless innovative product, adopting high-efficiency crystalline silicon solar cell technology and self-developed polymer composite material, realizing a new crystalline silicon photovoltaic module that is glassless, lightweight, thin-film and flexible. It is as light as 2.8kg/m2, only 30% of traditional PV modules, thickness can be reduced to less than 2mm, as well as flexible with a minimum bending diameter of 0.9m, shape and size can be modulated, and its customized features make PV and architecture naturally integrated.

With the advent of winter, will low temperature and snowfall have more impact on power stations using flexible modules?
According to our technical staff, the flexible modules we selected have passed tens of thousands of times of bending without hidden cracks to hail-resistant tests, as well as wind-loaded snow to wind-tunnel tests, and have been fully certified worldwide, which ensures that the flexible modules will still be able to maintain stable operation in the general extreme weather.

Since the establishment of Pure, we have been adhering to the mission of “Precision Manufacturing and Power Generation” to do R&D. We are changing PV, and PV is changing us. In the future, we hope that green and clean energy can bring comfort and enjoyment to more people’s lives!


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