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BIPV (Building Integrated Photovoltaics) seamlessly integrates solar panels into building structures. It transforms sunlight into electricity, powering buildings while maintaining aesthetic appeal. BIPV offers sustainable energy generation, reducing reliance on the grid. It combines functionality and design, making buildings energy-efficient and environmentally friendly. 

Fully customizable design able to meet any architecture need.

We are proud to introduce you to our customized multi-color BIPV photovoltaic building-integrated modules, the latest innovation in blending solar technology with architectural aesthetics. Our products not only provide a clean, renewable energy solution, but also give buildings a unique look and design element.



Photovoltaic skylights provide buildings with natural lighting and allow an optimal generation of clean energy. In addition, PV skylights provide great heat insulation.


Our PV curtain walls transform any building into a self-sufficient energy infrastructure and enhance the building’s architectural design all at once.


Photovoltaic claddings fit into the building’s exterior layers or form the entire envelope. They enable clean electricity generation and thermal insulation through the facade. They also enhance the building’s esthetics.


Photovoltaic canopies provide shade, protection against rain, hail, or snow as well as clean energy generation.


We are proud of having developed the first anti-slip walkable pavement able to generate clean electricity. Our photovoltaic floor is also a great solution for outdoor terraces.


At PURE we provide the finest building integrated photovoltaic glass solutions for any infrastructure worldwide. Contact our PV Glass experts today.

Our building integrated photovoltaic glass projects include, but are not limited to:


Railway Stations


Hotels & Offices


Historic Buildings

30 years

Efficiency Quality Assurance

24 hours

Uninterruptible power supply

0 distance

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What is a balcony power plant?

A balcony power plant is a small solar system with an output of up to 600W. Unlike conventional solar systems, no complex installation by an electrician is required. 

At its core, a balcony power plant consists of four essential components: the solar modules, the inverter, the holder and the connection cables. The solar modules convert the sunlight that hits the modules into direct current. So that this generated electricity can be used, the inverter converts the direct current into alternating current, which is then fed into the socket using the connecting cable. The holder is used to mount the solar modules and the inverter at the desired location.

Our balcony power plants can easily be installed yourself. 

Unlike regular solar systems, you don’t need an electrician to install your balcony power plant. However, it is important that you report your balcony power plant to the market master data register and your energy supplier. Sounds more complicated than it is. Here we explain to you how it works. You should also ask your landlord for permission. Before setting up your balcony power plant, it is important to read the assembly and operating instructions to ensure the safe installation and operation of your balcony power plant.

Without question, a balcony power plant produces more electricity in summer, but our monocrystalline solar modules with high efficiency also produce electricity reliably in winter.

The delivery time depends on the product ordered, but since we have all products permanently in stock, the delivery time should only be a few days. You can find more detailed delivery information for the respective products.

Photovoltaics may be integrated into many different assemblies within a building envelope

Solar cells can be incorporated into the facade of a building, complementing or replacing traditional view or spandrel glass. Often, these installations are vertical, reducing access to available solar resources, but the large surface area of buildings can help compensate for the reduced power.

Photovoltaics may be incorporated into awnings and saw-tooth designs on a building facade. These increase access to direct sunlight while providing additional architectural benefits such as passive shading.

The use of PV in roofing systems can provide a direct replacement for batten and seam metal roofing and traditional 3-tab asphalt shingles.

Using PV for skylight systems can be both an economical use of PV and an exciting design feature.

Building Integrated Integration

Our modules are designed to integrate seamlessly into buildings and can be used as facade, roof and façade elements. By combining photovoltaic technology with architectural design, we offer you an energy solution that requires no additional space, making your building more aesthetically pleasing, environmentally friendly and functional.

Customized Multi-Color Designs

Our modules are available in a wide range of color options, allowing you to tailor the look of your building to the needs of your project and your personal preferences. Whether it’s bright, vibrant colors or understated neutrals, we can meet your requirements and harmonize your building with its surroundings.

Efficient energy creation

Our BIPV modules utilize advanced solar technology that converts sunlight directly into electricity. Whether it’s a commercial building, a residential building or a public facility, our modules provide you with an efficient and reliable energy supply that reduces your reliance on traditional electricity and saves you money on energy costs.

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