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lightweight flexible solar panel

Portable, efficient and versatile. Flex solar panels can be easily mounted on curved surfaces to provide reliable and clean energy. It uses advanced solar cell technology to convert sunlight into electricity. Ideal for device charging, lighting, camping and off-grid systems. Suitable for rubber roofs, commercial and industrial steel tile roofs, flat roofs,curved roofs,residential tiled roofs, wooden roofs, glass roofs, etc.Embrace renewable energy on the go!

lightweight flexible solar panel

Much thinner

As thin as 3 mm

Much lighter

Weighing 3.5 kg/m2
Only 30% of traditional modules

More flexible

Can be curved as much as 280 degrees

More Power


softer, fitting the curved surfaces better; thinner, releasing the energy of light

Max-Power Voltage(Vm)V30.730.8
Max-Power Current(Im)A13.0313.16
Open-Circuit Voltage(Voc)V37.137.2
Short-Circuit Current(Isc)A20.2120.46
Module Efficiency%20.2120.46
Operating Temperature Range﹣40~85
Max-System VoltageV1500
IP RatingIP67

Lightweight rv solar panel - 100W

Max-Power Voltage(Vm)V19.420.1
Max-Power Current(Im)A5.210.02
Open-Circuit Voltage(Voc)V23.523.9
Short-Circuit Current(Isc)A5.5110.74
Module Efficiency%19.2619.26
Operating Temperature Range﹣40~85
Max-System VoltageV600
IP RatingIP67
Independently Developed Waterproof ETFE Front Film
  • Enhanced waterproofing capabilities
  • Improved UV-blocking effectiveness
  • Reinforced structural integrity


Individually Developed Reinforced Fiberglass Materials
  • Increased light transmittance
  • Enhanced durability of composite materials

Waterproof ETFE Front Film




Reinforced Fiberglass Materials








Reinforced Backboard

Versatility, Durability and Easy Installation

Curved Roofs

For curved roofs with curvature, where rigid traditional glass modules do not provide an ideal solution, lightweight flexible solar modules fit perfectly on curved roof surfaces. With adhesive installation, the construction is easy and fast, making it the ideal choice for you!

Waterproof Membrane Roofs

Roof waterproofing membranes such as TPO and PVC are increasingly becoming the waterproof covering for commercial roofs. Due to infiltration issues, waterproofing membranes cannot be installed with traditional glazing modules. By bonding flexible solar panels to these roofs, new solar power capabilities can be created.

Excellent durability

Flexible solar panels are specifically designed to withstand harsh outdoor conditions. Their flexible construction and protective layer make them highly resistant to cracks and damage, ensuring a longer lifespan and reliable performance even in demanding environments.

Low Load-Bearing Roofs

PURE Flexible Solar Panels are the preferred solution to structural roofing problems. It is estimated that 40 per cent of commercial and industrial roofs lack the minimum load-bearing capacity to support traditional glass modules. Glazed modules can only be installed if the building has a minimum load-bearing capacity of 15 kg/m2 . If the building’s load-bearing capacity is lower than this, additional structural reinforcement will be required before solar modules can be installed, which can be costly and disruptive to on-site commercial activities.

Glass Roofs

Glass roofs are often not amenable to the penetration mounting methods associated with traditional glazing modules. However, our PURE flexible solar panels can be bonded to glass roofs to unlock the power generation potential of these structures.

Efficient and Reliable

The front side of the flexible pv panels has no main grid shielding, which improves the battery conversion efficiency and provides excellent electric performance under low light conditions.

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