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Shingled Solar Panel

High-efficiency, customized design. Shingle cells maximize energy output. Tailored to fit unique specifications, delivering optimal performance and seamless integration.

Solar shingles, or solar roof tiles, are made of slim photovoltaic (PV) sheets that either overlay or replace the existing shingles on a roof. They absorb sunlight and convert it into electricity. By relying on this method of energy as opposed to electricity, for example, homeowners will save money on monthly bills and eventually recoup their initial investments.

Less energy loss due to shading
Conventional solar panels have the individual cells wired in series so when a part of the solar panel is shaded it can have a significant effect on the level of power output. By configuring the solar cells in shingles, they can be wired in groups and configured in parallel which significantly reduces the losses caused by shading.


Shingled this technology eliminates the traditional ribbon connection for series connections.

By eliminating solder ribbon connections, the effective area of the module is increased and thermal stresses are reduced, resulting in higher efficiency and reliability than standard interconnects.

High temperature performance

Higher yields in hot climates

+ 0,9 %

Specific yield (kWh/kWh) due to
low temperature coefficient

More efficient use of space

- 3,1 %

Space modules required for 1MWp

Higher generation capacity 

+ 4,1 %

PV plant yield per square metre in hot climates